Friday, 6 November 2020

Winter projects

As we head into winter, it is time to start thinking about jobs on Bilbo for next year and especially to make sleeping aboard a lot more comfortable and convenient.
I am in the middle of a Day Skipper theory course with WaveRides. It is definitely going to stand me good stead and Hugh has a natural way of getting you to learn. 

I am going to add a slab reefing kit to the boom, so that reefing will be a lot easier than at present, and I have seen a BOOM strut system that does away with the topping lift, although I would probably leave it in place. 

I also want to add an external microphone for the vhf and a loud Hailer. My Standard Horizon radio has automated fog and other warning signals so a loud Hailer will be a definite add. 

I am hoping to add a better method of anchoring as the current way is a lot of hard work. There is no now roller and no access to a chain locker, which is there but no deck fittings. 

I also have to check the main sail halyard sheeve as I have a feeling it went out the top of the mast at some stage. 

I also want to put the water bladder in a better location as it sits on one of the quarter berths and when full, weighs that side down. I think glass work and make it permanent fixture with a deck filling point.

Whilst I am working at the top of the mast, I may change the coax and use heavier duty cable to prevent signal loss. And maybe a new antenna. 

Then there is a few usual painting and minor electrical jobs to be done and the V Berth bed to make. 

That will keep me going most of the winter and all going well, should be ready for the start of May when I will do a few long shakedown sails before the Circumnavigation 

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