Sunday, 6 September 2020

A Slow Boat Around Ireland planned routes

I have been planning the trip on Navionics and checking my decisions against charts and other online sources.

This is not a definitive list. I may decide to sail for a couple of days and then stop somewhere else than planned. Or the wind maybe totally against me so I end up staying in one location for an extra day. 

The rest days are not listed simply as I will sail when I feel fit and rest when I know when I need to. It was the same when I crossed Russia in 2015, I stopped in Omsk and Krasnoyarsk for rest days even though I had not planned for them. 

If anyone has a suggestion for a stop along the route or sees something wrong, please leave a comment. I plan to either tow my tender or bring an inflatable dinghy. 

The route is as follows:
  1. Clifden to InishTurk: 27 nm
  2. InishTurk to Blacksod Bay: 27nm
  3. Blacksod Bay to Ballyglass: 26nm
  4. Ballyglass to Killala: 35nm
  5. Killala to Drumcliff Bay: 22nm
  6. Drumcliff Bay to Donegal: 29nm
  7. Donegal to Teelin Harbour: 18nm
  8. Teelin Harbour to Tramore Strand (Donegal): 26nm
  9. Tramore Strand to Cruit Bay: 18nm
  10. Cruit Bay to Fanad Head : 33nm (maybe split over 2 days) 
  11. Fanad Head to White Strand Bay: 10nm
  12. White Strand Bay to River Bann moorings:28nm
  13. River Bann moorings to Ballycastle: 20nm
  14. Ballycastle to Carnlough Bay:21nm
  15. Carnlough Bay to Belfast Bay: 23nm (Definite rest stop) 
  16. Belfast Bay to Knockinelder Bay: 27nm
  17. Knockinelder Bay to Ballykeel Bay: 23nm
  18. Ballykeel Bay to Drogheda : 26nm
  19. Drogheda to Ireland's Eye: 20nm
  20. Ireland's Eye to Greystones: 16nm
  21. Greyatones to Arklow: 24nm
  22. Arklow to Wexford: 31nm (possibly 2 days) 
  23. Wexford to Loftus Hall: 31nm (Hook Head)
  24. Loftus Hall to Dungarvan: 24nm
  25. Dungarvan to Ballycotton : 25nm
  26. Ballycotten to Folareal Bay: 34nm
  27. Folareal Bay to Bullock Island :21nm
  28. Bullock Island to Dunmanus: 31nm
  29. Dunmanus to Darrynane: 31nm
  30. Darrynane to Portmagee: 16nm (Valentia Island) (2 day stop)
  31. Portmagee to Great Blasket Island : 16nm (2 day stop) 
  32. Great Blasket Island to Brandon: 20nm
  33. Brandon to Carriagaholt: 28nm
  34. Carriagaholt to Kilkee: 26nm (Loop Head)
  35. Kilkee to Inishsheer: 25nm
  36. Inishsheer to Roundstone : 25nm
  37. Roundstone to Clifden: 23 mm (Slyne Head) 

This is a total of 906 Nautical Miles or 1677 KM

This is not a definitive route. I am still checking guides and online sources and charts. 
The exact time to do the route will depend on weather, wind and tides, all well if I feel tired or not. 

This is being done to help raise fund for the brave crew of RNLI Clifden. They are an amazing bunch and deserve all the help we can give them. Of course, this applies to all RNLI crews.

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