Saturday, 15 August 2020

2021 The Circumnavigation of Ireland for Clifden RNLI

After my rescue by the rnli, coast guard and a local vessel, I want to do something to help the local RNLI branch in Clifden.

I have plans to do a small fund raiser this year on Facebook but I want to do something that is special for me and them. 

So I announce that in June 2021, I will leave Clifden Bay, head north and then continue until I return to Clifden Bay. 

Circumnavigation of Ireland is a regular enough event. What I want to do is to follow the coast line as much as possible and stopping at points of history, like the Blaskets, and as many of the Islands of Ireland as possible. 

I have worked out that it will take roughly 42 days. But allow an extra 10 days for rest days and shopping and then for weather. 

I am in contact with RNLI Clifden and also this website will have a map that tracks me in live time. 

So watch out for further news on this soon

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