Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Storm Ellen - my first storm

With the arrival this week of Storm Ellen bring sustained winds capable of serious damage, along with spring tides, I will be on edge all day.

I will go down in the morning and check the lines, more than likely take the mainsail off and stow it. 
And more than likely add a second line to the mooring and tie it around the mast as the centre cleat is already full. Will use the new anchor rode as this is new and never used. 
Then I will sit at home and worry about my baby 


 I was recently lucky to get a tender to get to Bilbo from the shore. I do have an inflatable dinghy but found it punctured far to easy.

I will sand the outside, coat it twice with epoxy and then paint it with yacht paint. The interior does need work but I will get around to this at some stage later.

To get it to the mooring, I will sail to Tully Pier, drop the anchor and then go ashore and row it out. Then tow it back to the mooring. 

I will strengthen the seat by using epoxy and glassfibre to  hold a piece on wood in the centre.

I will use a lazy mooring to keep the tender out off the shore. And a solar panel with a small battery and bilge pump to empty any rain out.

Sunday, 16 August 2020

The route

I have semi finalised the route. I have it on my Navionics as 35 seperate days. But it is slightly longer as I want to visit the Blaskets, and see where Peg Sawyers lived, for those who don't know, she wrote a book about her life on the Blaskets which seems to have become the bane of every Irish students life.
I also plan to stop around the Giants Causeway which I have never visited and a few other islands. 
The route, of course, is subject to change, due to weather and meeting friends and hopefully making some radio presentations to push the cause. This is not just simply a sail for me but also a fundraiser for the RNLI Clifden. 

Saturday, 15 August 2020

2021 The Circumnavigation of Ireland for Clifden RNLI

After my rescue by the rnli, coast guard and a local vessel, I want to do something to help the local RNLI branch in Clifden.

I have plans to do a small fund raiser this year on Facebook but I want to do something that is special for me and them. 

So I announce that in June 2021, I will leave Clifden Bay, head north and then continue until I return to Clifden Bay. 

Circumnavigation of Ireland is a regular enough event. What I want to do is to follow the coast line as much as possible and stopping at points of history, like the Blaskets, and as many of the Islands of Ireland as possible. 

I have worked out that it will take roughly 42 days. But allow an extra 10 days for rest days and shopping and then for weather. 

I am in contact with RNLI Clifden and also this website will have a map that tracks me in live time. 

So watch out for further news on this soon

Thursday, 13 August 2020


 Welcome to Sailing Bilbo. A small blog of my sailing adventures and misadventures.

Bilbo is a 1970s 22ft Pandora International that is my starter yacht. Due to the pandemic of 2020, I spent more time and money refitting her than sailing her. 

But the sailing has now started to happen and she handles like a racing yacht. She goes in the lightest of winds.

I have some big plans for next year, including a circuit of Ireland sail to help raise funds for Clifden RNLI, whom I owe my life to. I will explain in a later blog entry. 

There will also be the odd video blog. But I am not one for talking to a camera.

So welcome to the blog 

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